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It's not just our quality and innovation that keeps our customers
coming back. Our frighteningly logical pricing philosophy also helps.

:: We believe that every project is unique, and should be priced as such ::


Value Driven

You will find that our prices are reasonable and that we strive to offer you the most for your money.


We realize budget constraints and will work with you to create a quote that is based upon your exact needs and budget without compromising the quality. Our wide range of customized options meet the needs of small businesses as well as large corporations.

As part of our flexible pricing model we offer following billing options:

  1. Project: Project billing is best for assignments that are easily defined and completed within 8 weeks. The majority of our clients prefer project billing because fees are fixed. Work is billed 50% in advance, and 50% upon completion. Expenses and fees are discussed and agreed upon in advance, but subject to change if the client changes the parameters.
  2. Hourly: Hourly billing is best suited to clients who have very specific needs or short-term consulting requirements. For consulting assignments longer than one week, clients are billed in advance at pre-determined rates for a specified number of hours. As these pre-paid hours approach completion, AkroMedia issues new invoices to cover projected demand.
  3. Retainer: Billed monthly in advance, this method works best for clients requiring on-going service over a period of six months or longer. Expenses are billed monthly in arrears, at cost, and are subject to a pre-agreed limit that is exceeded only with the written permission of the client.
  4. Percentage/Equity: Occasionally, AkroMedia accepts company stock or a percentage of revenue generated for services rendered. In these situations, all valuations and fee arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon in writing in advance of project work.

Free initial consultation

There is no charge for initial consultations, and we are happy to help you discover the most economical and efficient route for your job.

Send us the details and we'll give
you a time and cost estimate.

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