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Each client is different and each project is different.
We'll work with you to develop a solution that meets your budget and needs.


Our team of educated, experienced and talented professionals
offer full line of services in following areas:

Free Initial Consultation
We know how difficult finding the right consulting company can be.
With all the choices and options available, how do you make a decision
you won't regret later? ... Simple, get informed in advance!


WebSite Design


Today's Internet Solutions must go beyond a basic HTML Web site. Your online presence must offer professional look and functionality that will keep visitors coming back, provide another line of communication for existing customers, or streamline current business practices. When developing your Internet strategy, let Akromedia help you realize a return on your investment.

A first impression is often the only chance you get to make any
impression on prospective customers who visit your web site.

Whether you have a website that is “just sitting there, losing money or barely making a profit or New to Web Marketing; whether your web site need to be a full-featured online store or little more than a online business card, we can help to create a solution that is appropriate, effective, and unique.

As a full service consulting company, Akromedia offers complete line of services such as:

- Interactive Forms
- E-Commerce Solutions
- Web Database Integration
- Search Engine Positioning
- Website Transfers
- Reporting
- Visitor Behavior Analysis
- Site Maintenance
- B2B & B2C Solutions
- Security
- Spam & Spider Protection
- Email & Newsletter list servers
- Domain Name Registration & Hosting
- Virtual Tour & 360° Panorama view


Consulting & Development


Akromedia provides technology consulting & development services that will reflect directly in your organization's growth and profitability.

We respond to your needs for effective development and become your outsourced arm for high-impact projects, delivered timely and within budget.

Our team of professionals brings hands-on knowledge in Project Management, Technology Consulting and Professional Services in the areas of infrastructure software, custom application development, network management, wireless, Internet and eCommerce platforms.

Our superior customer support and professional expertise in business processes automation will accompany you in the inception, development, deployment and management of your IT solutions.

We help you on:

- Needs and goals assessment
- strategy and planning
- Requirement Analysis
- Development effort including
    - specification
    - Implementation
    - Quality Assurance
    - and Testing.
- Support & Maintenance
- Forward looking Improvement of the solution


We don't make things more complicated than they need to be, nor do
we oversimplify and gloss over things that require careful examination.


Based on over 15 years of industrial experience, Akromedia has developed a methodology to rapidly assess, design and implement technology that produces the desired, measurable results for clients. An approach summarized as:

Staged Delivery Process - ensures timely delivery of well-defined project goals.

Mockups & Prototyping - facilitating design decisions for the client.

Iterative Process - client communication via protected Extranet throughout development, delivery and deployment.

Reusable Architecture - reduces time to market and project costs.

Full blend Deployment - including promotional work, ongoing support and maintenance


Industry Expertise

Akromedia team has international experience developing applications for customers in several industries including:

-Multi Media



Akromedia's IT experts have hands-on experience in more than 20 programming languages and tools including:

-Java -Delphi
-JDBC -VisualBasic
-RMI -C,C++
-JavaBeans -Oracle
-Servlets -mySQL
-Applets -Flash
-ActiveX -Perl
-JSP -Javascript



Multimedia Design


We offer a full range of design and animation services for electronic media including web, video, film, multimedia, and publications.

3D Graphics & Animation

3D Graphics & Animation are powerful ways to make an impression in the minds of your consumers. 3D animation of logos, products, or walk-throughs can be used for web site, television, trade shows, training videos or multimedia presentations.

Our graphic designers can make animations for Java applets, animated Gifs, and high quality full resolution animations in other formats, such as FLIC, AVI or MPEG format. Companies can benefit from having computer animations created for them, both to show on web pages, or to put in corporate videos and television commercials. The finished product can be output directly to broadcast quality, high-resolution Beta format, standard video formats, CD-ROM or DVD.

Company and Products Logo

The creation of a logo or graphical identity to represent a business, organization, or product is a complex and demanding task. An effective logo needs to be unique, and memorable; it must also be appropriate to the organization, product, or idea it represents.
Using shape, color, or typography, this design must encapsulate a concept and a message. That's a great expectation for a little picture.

We take the time to get to know our clients and their businesses, so that we can best bring our client's message to the world.

Business Card, Brochures, Flyer, Ads & Banners

For any business to survive, customers must find it. Most businesses today don't have the luxury of small town market dominance - being the only saloon in the county.

Too many business owners pour their time, their money, and all of their energy into building and maintaining their businesses, without giving much thought or effort to their marketing.

The investment in your marketing can mean the difference between success and oblivion.

Photo-Retouch, Montage & Panorama creation

It takes more than the right software to master the art of digital photo editing. It takes a sharp eye for detail, a skilled hand, and a fair amount of expertise.

Our Retouch and Enhancement Service restores damaged photographs, corrects color or saturation, removes scratches and improves the quality of your photographs.

Our graphic artists take the photos which you select and create a careful design with highlighting the features you want to emphasize.

See yourself at your desired weight, change eye color and remove unwanted backgrounds.
You can be on a magazine cover, perfect body, flawless skin, new hair style and even optimized clothing.

Our graphic artists make everything possible...


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